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wanna see my spaceship?...not really

Name: A.Lynn
Nickname: I’ve never been cool enough to be given a nickname.
Height & Build: I am five foot four. I guess I’m average.
Likes: Chess, reading, fencing, writing, art.
Dislikes: Mean people, people who are too nice,gross dirty things, bugs, my computer (because it sucks), stupidity
Strong points: Intelligence, wit, creativity
Weak points: Cruelty, short temper, procrastination
Pet Peeves: (read: Things you utterly can not STAND) The sound a Styrofoam cup makes when you put it on a table, static cling, pet names

Hobbies and Talents: Same as my likes really. Wasting my life online could be considered a hobby I guess.
Favorite Color: Green with black in a close second.
Favorite Animal: Cat.
Favorite Foods: I don’t really like eating but cheese is tasty.

Leader or Follower: Follower. I’m just not all that forceful.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimistic. I like my glass half empty and don’t you tell me otherwise.

Do you believe in a higher being?: (read: God or variants of..) There may be. It would be really sad if there was nothing higher than us. But there is not only one as many think.
Describe your personality: I say I have a terrible personality but others may disagree. I’m a bit bitchy but I’m funny in a dry sarcastic sort of way that is takes a lot of time to grow a fondness for. I’m truthful to the point of being mean sometimes. I can be quite charming though when I want something. I seem to pick up friends who want to be me.

Favorite character: Marvin
Describe your towel: I actually do have my own towel that nobody else is allowed to use. It’s black.
What did you like better; Radio series, the books, BBC series or the movie?: Books, much funnier, made me cry at times though.

Anything else you would like use to know?: No I’m not very interesting.

Pictures: (or description of what you look like)
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