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In which she asks the eternal question: 'Wanna see my spaceship?'...

Name: Amy Denise
Nickname: Mainly Thee, but I also go by Amy Dee(der) (pet name from my dad), Fatcakes McGee (post-facial surgery name from my older sister), and your run of the mill 'friend' names: fatso, weirdo, woman, Big (Dawg) Amy, etc.
Age: 20, (born June 17th, 1985).
Height & Build: I stand at about 5'8", of pretty average build, (128 lbs.). Not exactly skinny, but not built. Just... average.
Likes: Junk food, comfortable clothes, show tunes, book stores, big paychecks, Lost, retail bonuses, 24, fast internet connections, Arrested Development, stand-up comedy, flash cartoons, novelty rap/nerdcore hip-hop, classical music, Disney animated films, etc.
Dislikes: Sea food, reruns, hard headed people, bad drivers, chick flicks, most modern music (hooray for alliteration!), any show on CBS and/or produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, procedural dramas, etc.
Strong points: Understanding words/concepts (trying to get them across is another story), music/arts, cynicism/sarcasm, pop culture/random trivia, cutting down drive time, getting to the head of the line, etc.
Weak points: Math/numbers, heavy physical labor, confrontations, public situations, baked goods, chocolate, staying up later than I should, spending money I don't have, men wearing kilts, etc.
Pet Peeves: People who expect everything to go their way all the time, whiny customers, Starbucks,

Hobbies and Talents: Hobbies: Reading, writing, making LJ icons (though not very good ones), chillaxing online, listening to/playing music, "experiencing" movies (I do more than simply watch them), and collecting numerous things, particularly the Official Disney Trading Pins. Talents: I can play a few instruments, mainly the flute (and piccolo, with a bit of experimentation on alto flute) and tuba (and sousaphone; brass is definitely more fun than woodwinds). Some would say I'm an exceptional writer, but I tend to disagree. I can also flick the side of my mouth so it sounds like dripping water.
Favorite Color: Black. Only perfection could make this color match everything else so well.
Favorite Animal: Puppies! (No explanation needed.)
Favorite Foods: Baby Back Ribs. Nothing says "food" like a full rack of sweet, juicy, meat-falls-off-the-bone, barbeque sauce dripping, carniverous goodness. I honestly don't know how vegetarians manage.

Leader or Follower: Follower 'til death. I lack the initiative (and guts) to be a leader, and a follower almost never has anything to worry about if failure is in store, since the leader is usually held responsible by their leader.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimist. I've been burned too many times in the past that I tend to take the askewed view on everything.

Do you believe in a higher being?: I'm a Bible believing Christian, although I don't get too rabid about it. Chances are if you have a different view I'll more than likely disagree with you to quite a large extant, but I won't get all preachy.
Describe your personality: I tend to be the kind of person that easily gets in over my head, only most of the time, I usually know that is where I'll end up. I'm absolutely the worst at taking initiative, especially when I need to call anyone with a phone, (i.e., DMV, class registration, doctors, insurance company, work, etc.). I'd really prefer to quietly while away my time and hope thing's'll get done for me, or that one day something will happen and everything will automatically be easier.

Favorite character: Zaphod. The man has it all, and I want him what he has.
Describe your towel: Bigger than a bath towel, but smaller than a beach towel. Poofy, but not exactly fluffy. Probably gray in color. Oh, and it would have to have my name embroidered somewhere on one of the ends, y'know, to signify that it's owned by me.
What did you like better; Radio series, the books, BBC series or the movie?: Firstly the books, followed (in a tie) by the BBC series and the movie. Douglas Adams' humour is at its best in the written form, but there's just something so mind-bogglingly geeky-cool about seeing it come to life.

Anything else you would like use to know?: No, not really.

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