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h2g2_rating's Journal

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Welcome to H2G2 Rating! Want to know which H2G2 character you are most like? Join and find out!

Maintainer/Moderator/Stamp-maker: accio . @ . im

I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed. c o m m u n i t y    r u l e s ;
Please read over these rules before posting/joining.
    1.) Absolutely no insulting or flaming of any sort.
    2.) You must be a member to post.
    3.) Furthermore, you must have already been stamped OR voted on in order to vote on new applications.

Life? Don't talk to me about life. v o t i n g    r u l e s ;
Please read over these rules before voting on new applications.
    1.) Again, no insults, flaming, or rudeness will be tolerated.
    2.) Give some sort of explanation as to why you voted for a certain character for someone.
    3.) Bold your votes in the reply post, as well as put your vote as the reply subject.
    4.) Again, you need to have already been stamped OR been voted on before voting on new applicants.

I could calculate your chances of survival.. but you won't like it. a p p l i c a t i o n    r u l e s ;
Please read over these rules before posting your application.
    1.) After every question on the application, just pretend there is 'And why?' at the end. The more you elaborate on your answers, the easier it will be for us to rate you correctly!
    2.) The application will ask for pictures of yourself, if you have them. Please refrain from posting any pictures of you costuming as your favorite character or whatnot as doing so will not solidify you being rated as said character.
    3.) On that note, if you have no photos of yourself that you can post, a simple description of what you look like will suffice.
    4.) You are required to fill out every field of the application to the best of your ability. Again, the more in-depth you go with your answers, the better we can rate you properly.
    5.) Just so we know you read the rules, please put 'wanna see my spaceship?' somewhere in the subject of your application post. The required phrase will change every month or so, to make sure new members are reading the rules properly.
    6.) After you have received either five (5) votes, or two weeks has passed and the majority have voted, you will be stamped with what character you are most like. A graphic will be provided for you to use however you like, providing you link it back to this community. You may direct link this graphic, or upload to your own server. The choice is, yes, yours and yours alone. Once we have more stamped members, the number of votes you must receive before being stamped will be raised to ten (10).

It gives me a headache just trying to think down to your level. a p p l i c a t i o n ;
Copy and paste the following application form. Do NOT change/alter any of the questions. ALL you need to do is fill in your answers, even the lj-cut code is in there already so all you have to worry about is typing up your answers. Remember to elaborate for us!

Brain the size of a planet.. r a t e d ;
Who was rated as who.

    Ford Prefect:



You call that job satisfaction? 'Cos I don't. a f f i l i a t e s ;
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