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Wanna see my spaceship?

Name: Jasmine
Nickname: Jaz
Age: 21
Height & Build: 5'8, and...Let's say I'm average.
Likes: Well...HHGTTG obviously, dreams, daydreaming, rock music, rain, the stars, the moon, paranormal (really :P), fantasy books, games, hugs, the night. Look at my LJ interests for more. XD
Dislikes: too much noise, too many people, having to repeat myself, stupidity, when my back itches, stressy events, that pain in your ankle when you wear certain shoes for too long
Strong points: I'm creative, smart (in some choice areas), cheerful and a good listener. Crazy at times and able to entertain...a bit. XD
Weak points:
Pet Peeves: (read: Things you utterly can not STAND) I don't think I have anything that I can't utterly not STAND! I tend to tolerate a lot of things. But...maybe if there's too much noise.

Hobbies and Talents: Reading fan fiction, surfing the internet, talking to my girlfriend, trying to write my own stories (I have a never-ending writers block), reading, drawing (if I get the groooove), daydreaming. I don't really do much outside since I'm in the middle of nowhere.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Animal: Cats. They're so cute when they meow and they're always up for some fun.
Favorite Foods: The Traditional Breakfast: eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, bacon and toast.

Leader or Follower: Neither, I don't think I can lead people that well...I'd probably doom myself and everyone with me along the way. Or that or people would get very irate and vote for a new leader. I can't be a follower since I might not like who is leading and then I like to go off on my own sometimes. But then I probably not know what to do if something happened and I was clueless. Hell...possibly more of a follower.

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic! It'd be kinda crappy if you kept looking at the bad side of things all the time. I'm not a marvin emo robot. XD You gotta look at the good that turns up with anything...or..try to. XD

Do you believe in a higher being?: (read: God or variants of..) In higher as in a god...maybe. Who knows? Not me myself or I. This person these fanatics talk about may not even exist, but there might be a large alien race that's watching over us and crap. XD It could be ANYTHING out there. Personally, I believe in karma. What you do will have its reactions, good for good, bad for bad. It'd be cool if there was the Shinto kami out there...I'd like to see good ol buddah too. XD Er...whatever. XD

Describe your personality: WAH. Er...hm...I guess I'm upbeat. I sometimes get all RAR and crap and I don't wanna deal with anyone, but I don't wanna be mean to people so I stay away. I'm overly emotional and I will cry if something's worth crying about. Sometimes I'm very quiet and I tend to daydream a whole lot. I mostly daydream about a story in my head. XD I get insightful like once in a while and I believe I have psychic powers with my girlfirend. That and I tend to have premonitions in my dreams. The fact is that they're nothing important, like a certain way I move along with the place I am in. XD People think I'm odd.

Favorite character: Zaphod. He's CRAAAAAAAAAZY and stuff. XD
Describe your towel: Blue! Always a blue towel. If I ever find one with stars and moons on it, that'd be neat.
What did you like better; Radio series, the books, BBC series or the movie?: I loved the radio seires. It's longer than the BBC series but not as long as the books. I love reading the books but there's something about the radio series that I like more. I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe it's the multiples of that one woman...'Centilla' or whoever her name is. :P

Anything else you would like use to know?: Hm....I like this tea, you see...this tea called 'Nutcracker Sweet' it smells like a cookie. Really good too. XD
I dunno...thought you might like to know. I'm not a tea-aholic, but that's one good tea.

Pictures: (or description of what you look like)
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