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Wanna see my (awesome) spaceship?

Name: Lizzie
Nickname: Lizzie
Age: 15
Height & Build: 5'1 1/2" (I'm so short) and a little below average perhaps
Likes: Video games, history, fantasy, talking, snow, water, films, hope, dreaming, drama, acting, anything Irish, and strange thinker films.
Dislikes: Cheese, fire (kind of), rude people, stuck-up snobs, immature pigs, and creeps.
Strong points: I don't take crap from anyone, brutally honest, open-minded, patriot, out spoken, and hard working.
Weak points: Conceited on my looks, stubborn, proud, complicated, and easily angered and annoyed.
Pet Peeves: I have O.C.D so you can understand if there's only a few examples- when someone does not stand on the right of me, a messy room >.<, pillows at angles, and large rooms (I mean like castle sized rooms).

Hobbies and Talents: Video games, strange drama thinker films, role playing, scrap-booking, and acting. Talents: Singing, acting, cheering others up, protecting, guarding, being heard, and leading when others will not.

Favorite Color: Yellow because it's a cheerful and fun color!
Favorite Animal: Cats because they're elegent, clever creatures and at the same time fun and loyal. They're much better than dogs.
Favorite Foods: Chocolate because it tastes sooo good! It's a rich flavor that you can never get tired of.

Leader or Follower: Leader definetely. I can't stand following people for usually they end up messing up so if you want something done, better do it yourself! Also, these days it doesn't seem anyone wants to lead so I figure, if they won't lead, I will.

Optimistic or Pessimistic: I like to think of myself as a realistic. But if I had to pick than I'd say more so optimistic. I can't people who won't even try to look at the bright side. CAn can you be so down all the time?

Do you believe in a higher being?: Yes, I believe in God. If he or anyother possible higher being created us, than who? So there's that who the ape concept. Who made them? Who made the bacteria that made them? Who made the elements and debris that made them? Science can prove most but not everything.
Describe your personality: Sometimes I can be rather mean, bossy, and pissed off all the time while others I'm friendly, take charge, bubbly, and silly. Most of the time I'm the bubbly one =3

Favorite character: Ford! I love him bcause he was just so awesome XD. He knew whjat he was doing and (almost) how to do it. He was alos silly and unpredictible.
Describe your towel: A green one with a dark green shamlock at the ends. Also eboled with golden letters spelling "Lizzie" by one of the ends.
What did you like better; Radio series, the books, BBC series or the movie?: I have only seen the film sadly so that's my response.

Anything else you would like use to know?: I'm full Irish , love cats, and love final fantasy!!!

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