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wanna see my spaceship?

Name: Alanah
Nickname: Tabby Kitty, Tropical Jello, Alanah Banana, Clay, etc.
Age: 14.
Height & Build: 5'6 and about 140 I think? lol dunno.
Likes: H2G2 obviously, anime/manga, apocalypse now, rammstein, music, lord of the rings, and...peach rings!
Dislikes: ...fish...mean people...decisions...hillary duff....and hot pink. lol.
Strong points: uhhm...I can always make people laugh?
Weak points: I have emo tendencies lol.
Pet Peeves: my sister, people who think their opinion is the only opinion, and waiting.
Hobbies and Talents: ...drawing, writing, reading, videogaming, lJ..ing, chatting, shopping, and listening to music. As for talents..uhhm...I'm not talented lol.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Animal: Cat.
Favorite Foods: Peachrings, bubble tea, pocky, poptarts, and pizza.

Leader or Follower: neither.
Optimistic or Pessimistic:</br> pessimistic.

Do you believe in a higher being?: hmm. no.
Describe your personality: Well I can be really emo. But for the most part I'm overly flirty, hyper, funny, and easily amused.

Favorite character: hmm I can never pick between Ford and Zaphod. <3
Describe your towel: well I have this tropical coloured one with a bit of a flower print going on. heh. never know when it might come in handy. :)
What did you like better; Radio series, the books, BBC series or the movie?: The books! though admittedly I can't get my hands on either the radio or BBC seris :(

Anything else you would like use to know?: uhhm...no not particularly. ^_^

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