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Name: Vivian
Nickname: Vi, Viv, Vivi, Yuuko
Age: 18
Height & Build: 5'1'', average build I suppose
Philosophy, the paranormal, anime and manga, fantasy, music, beautiful and elegant things, metaphors/symbolism, elves (Tolkien version), myths and legends, languages, poetry, anything else that happens to be sufficiently interesting...
Ignorance, politicians, narrow-mindedness, boredom,stagnancy, rudeness, pessimism, being ignored, not having enough time, being ordered around, strong offensive odours (such as cigarette smoke and some perfumes), loud distracting noises...
Strong points:
My best qualities are probably my wisdom, open-mindedness, and calm, observant nature. Because of this, people tend to seek me out for advice and comfort whenever they have problems. Well, I must say that being able to help people like this makes me feel really happy inside. ^__^
Weak points:
My weakest points--> contradictory nature (ex. hardworking but lazy, modest but arrogant), tendency to procrastinate, indecisiveness --__--;;
Pet Peeves: (read: Things you utterly can not STAND)
Ignorance, politicians, narrow-mindedness, boredom,stagnancy, rudeness, pessimism, being ignored, not having enough time, being ordered around, strong offensive odours (such as cigarette smoke and some perfumes), loud distracting noises...
playing piano, listening to music, drawing, reading,philosophizing, having intellectual discussions, observing the world around me (particularly human behaviour), learning new things
I am quite a fast learner, particularly in the arts and languages area. I am also very good at reading the emotions and thoughts in people, and sensing the mood and atmosphere of different places. Another talent I have is manipulating others (either intentionally, or unintentionally...I tend to be rather influential whenever I come in contact with anyone...which is why I usually remain "invisible", because when I do interact with others, the result is usually not neutral...) This helps me to deceive, win arguments, get what I want...'tis quite useful actually. ^__~
Favorite Color:
I can like all colours depending on what the colours are on...but I guess if I had to choose, then black, white, red, silver, and all shades of blue and green.
Favorite Animal:
Ah no...such a hard choice...I like so many animals...dolphins, certain types of dogs and cats, sea otters, horses...can I choose a mythical creature? I absolutely adore the phoenix, so majestic and beautiful...*__* The phoenix symbolizes so much that I believe in...the inner fire, truth, freedom, death and rebirth, and so much more, which is why I made it into my personal symbol
Favorite Foods:
I prefer foods that have as little oil and fat as possible (oily, fat food make me ill...X__X) and are not too extreme in flavour (especially sweetness...have been traumatized too many times by too sweet foods...*cough, hack*). I also have a taste for somewhat bittersweet food (just like how I tend to like bittersweet artwork, stories, music, etc. XD) Some of my fave foods are: Sushi, strawberries, anything Mom cooks...^__^

Leader or Follower:
Leader. I typically hate having to follow others, because I usually disagree with them (my ideas are better, hah! *indignant, arrogant brat mode*) When I leave the leadership to other people, I feel helpless and annoyed because they usually mess up somehow...(in my mind fact, I have had many many nightmares of the type where I am not in control and disaster strikes...XD). So yeah, until there finally comes along someone actually worthy of being my leader (and even then, I would not like to leave everything to their control), I would much prefer leading.
Optimistic or Pessimistic:
I am generally an optimistic person, although people may say otherwise, but honestly, just because I talk about grim subjects sometimes does not mean that I am pessimistic, I just merely stating fact...

Do you believe in a higher being?: (read: God or variants of..)
I do I suppose...not in the religious sense though... I believe there is a greater being...the universe itself. I believe that basically everything is God if you will as everything is made of this "higher being" and this higher being is infinite, therefore meaning that everything must be infinite as don't know if that made any sense, as it is a super-condensed version of the essay I wrote last year on the subject... if you want to read it, it's here--> "The Singular, Infinite Universe"
Describe your personality:
Very simply put, I am Aquarian. I am so much like my sign it never fails to amaze me...O__O If you want to know in depth what an Aquarian is like, go here:

Favorite character:
Don't have one...all of the characters are just too amusing for me to have a favourite... XD
Describe your towel:
o_O's baby blue with yellow duckies along the border. :D
What did you like better; Radio series, the books, BBC series or the movie?:
The books! I usually love the book versions of things more...
Anything else you would like us to know?:
I guess I'll mention my fears here then...the feeling of utter loneliness always makes me feel extremely uncomfortable (sick even...>.>). I hate parasites (ew...bugs...), gore (blood I am fine with, but, and curiously enough, I also have a fear of fragile creatures, especially butterflies. I used to freak out every time a butterfly came near (although I'm getting more used to it now after all that anime and manga...I don't know why they love to torture butterflies so much...T___T). This fear I think is not really a fear of the creatures themselves, but a fear of them breaking *shudders*. Now that I think of it...add delicate fish to and butterflies...O__O

Pictures: (or description of what you look like)

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