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Jen's Fandom Journal

baby, wanna see my spaceship?

Name: Jennifer.
Nickname: Jen.
Age: 18.
Height & Build: Shortish – about 5’3”. I need to lose weight, too, but even besides that I have a very curvy build.
Likes: Reading, thunderstorms, swimming, going shopping and hanging around with my friends, and listening to music. Um – chocolate is big on my list, definitely. Swimming. Mornings where I’ve stayed up all night and can watch the sunrise. Snow.
Dislikes: Idiots. That’s first and foremost on my list. Um, close-minded people also annoy me, as well as things like spiders, clowns, someone else wearing an outfit I own, being teased by anyone who isn’t one of my best friends.
Strong points: I’m a good people person. I'm there for people I consider my friends - always. I’m good at getting my point across, and I’m good at knowing what to do in tough situations. I can get revenge if I need to. I’m stubborn – which IS a strong point, thank you very much – and I generally wear most people down just because I refuse to give up. I'm strong. I’m good at bullshitting my way through life, especially in school and with my parents.
Weak points: ? I don’t give people the benefit of the doubt. If someone pisses me off, there’s no going back. I insult people I that make me mad a lot - I can't just walk away from a conflict. I can be petty a lot of the time. I get jealous easily. I don’t care enough about what people think of me, and that’s gotten me into trouble before. I usually ask for advice and then totally disregard it, which I’ve been informed is a very weak point. I get defensive easily. I have a temper.
Pet Peeves: Idiots. People who constantly tap their fingers. People who take things too seriously in life. Whistling. Birds swooping at my head.

Hobbies and Talents:
Hobbies: Debating [it is a hobby, okay?]. Cooking. Swimming – in the summer and fall, at least. Teasing my younger brothers.
Talents: I’m smart. I like to consider that a special talent. Um. I’m good with people, especially children. I’m fairly charming when I want to be. I’m good at picking up on people’s feelings – it’s not hard for me at all to read people.
Favorite Color: Red.
Favorite Animal: Panther.
Favorite Foods: Chocolate. And egg rolls.

Leader or Follower: Leader.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimist, I guess. I prefer ‘realist’, though.

Do you believe in a higher being?: No.
Describe your personality: I'm upfront with people. Probably annoyingly honest. I know what I want and nine times out of ten I get it. I'm stubborn - amazingly, disturbingly stubborn - and I like to argue. I'm a good friend to those I care about, but cold and snobby to those that annoy me.

Favorite character: Zaphod. He had me from basically the first page about him – I enjoy amusing characters, and it’s pretty hard to get any more amusing then him. And I just love his attitude so much.
Describe your towel: Fluffy. Pink. The sort of towel that’s almost like a plush blanket – something you can just curl up with.
What did you like better; Radio series, the books, BBC series or the movie?: The books. Partly because I prefer reading to watching things or listening to things, and partly because I think the humor is best in the novels.

Anything else you would like use to know?: Um. Yes. I’m utterly fabulous.

Pictures: (or description of what you look like)
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